Treatments for your New Smile

Below are some examples of each of these techniques with a before and after image to see the difference.

Adhesive bridges - Before Adhesive Bridges - After
Adhesive Bridges – Before Adhesive Bridges – After

Adhesive bridges are literally stuck to existing teeth and require no drilling. They are fixed in and are not removable. They are an inexpensive and simple solution to replacing missing teeth.

Bonding - Before Bonding - After
Bonding – Before  Bonding – After
We can bond a resin material to teeth which can replace missing edges or corners of the teeth. It can produce a lifelike result in one short appointment
Removable Bridges - Before Removable Bridges - After
Removable bridge – Before Removable Bridge – After
Removable bridges are precision made to fit your mouth and are very comfortable to wear. In this example three bad front teeth were removed and the new teeth fitted on the same day.
Veneers - Before Veneers - After
Veneers – Before Veneers – After
 Veneers are an excellent way to improve the appearance of teeth. In this case two front teeth were overlapping and were made straight with veneers. This technique can also be used to close spaces and hide discoloured teeth.
Whitening - Before Whitening - After
Tooth Whitening – Before Tooth Whitening – After
 Tooth whitening is a popular technique for making your smile look ten years younger! We use a tray system which gently whitens teeth overnight, but we also have a express gel which only takes an hour a day


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