Nervous Patients

Nervous Patient informationMany people are very anxious about visiting the dentist. So much so that they let their oral health suffer as a result. Most anxious patients who do not visit their dentist often have gum and tooth decay which if left untreated, can worsen and become irreversible,painful or expensive.

There are many ways we can help you overcome your anxieties and make your dental experience comfortable and even (dare we say) enjoyable!

Why are people afraid of the dentist?

There are many reasons why people are anxious about visiting their dentist.

  • Previous bad experience – possibly a painful procedure or even a personality clash with a dentist or member of staff.
  • Embarrassment about the condition of their teeth and gums and what the dentist might say.
  • Fear of dental instruments which may trigger a gag reflex or make it difficult to breathe.
  • Unsympathetic dentists – A dentist who was not sympathetic to your needs and concerns which has put you off dentists.
  • A simple fear of the unknown and how you will cope.

If you fall into one of the categories above or have any other reasons for your dental phobia, please speak to one of our dental staff. By telling us about your fears and anxieties, we will be able to either offer you a full explanation of any procedures that may be necessary in non-technical language.

Rest assured that regardless of the condition of your teeth and gums, we are here to help, not make you feel bad and that if necessary, we have techniques to get you comfortably seated in the dentists chair.